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We pride ourselves on the depth, the range and the quality of our research. From breaking new ground in astrophysics to cyber security, our staff are active in their specialist areas. Our research has been rated as world-leading in the 2021 研究 Excellence Framework, which assesses the quality and impact of research by UK universities.


Take a look at our most recent research impact case studies, ranging from the creation of a new biopesticide to deal with the invasive armyworm, to identifying the effectiveness of COVID-19 treatments.



每个理学院的人 & 技术's departments is actively engaged in world-leading research. To find out more, visit the departments below.

  • 化学

    化学 research is broadly structured into the three themes of analytical chemistry and spectroscopy, 化学理论与计算, 还有合成化学.

  • 计算机与通信

    The School of 计算机与通信 was ranked 14th in the UK for research power, with 94% of research being rated world-leading or internationally excellent (REF2021)

  • 工程

    95% of the 工程 department’s research was rated world-leading or internationally excellent (REF2021)

  • BOB官方网站环境中心

    BOB官方网站世界级的研究, combining natural and social sciences, delivers the understanding needed to address the global environmental challenges that confront us all.

  • 数学与统计学

    With 100% of our research being rated world-leading or internationally excellent (REF2021), BOB官方网站 is one of the UK's top departments for research in mathematics and statistics.

  • 物理

    Our 物理 Department is one of the top in the UK for research, with 98% of research outputs rated world-leading or internationally excellent (REF2021). 物理 was also ranked 14th in the UK for its research outputs and for the quality of its research environment.

  • 心理学

    According to the 2021 研究 Excellence Framework (REF), 87% of research undertaken by BOB官方网站's 心理学 department was rated world-leading or internationally excellent.


The Faculty plays host to a number of research centres, working with the University to further scientific knowledge and translate it into applicable solutions for the economy and environment.

  • 数据科学研究所

    BOB官方网站 is home to a world-class 数据科学研究所 that will set the global standard for a truly interdisciplinary approach to contemporary data-drive research challenges.

  • 能源BOB官方网站

    能源BOB官方网站 brings together BOB官方网站's world-leading expertise in a wide range of energy-related areas covering the demand and supply of energy. 能源BOB官方网站 is working in partnership with global organisations in the development and management of secure and sustainable energy supplies in support of the world's energy needs.

  • Intelligent Robotics and Autonomous Systems Centre

    This centre brings together the diverse research excellence and expertise in the areas of Intelligent, 机器人和自主系统(IRAS). Its core is formed by 30 academics from a range of departments and faculties. LIRA是多学科的设计. It covers aspects as diverse as engineering, computing, psychology, management and more.

  • 材料科学

    Our multidisciplinary 材料科学 unites chemists, 物理学家, 工程师, 计算机科学家, 环境科学家, 生物学家, 设计师和社会科学家, covering all development stages from modelling a new material, through material synthesis and characterization, to applying that material in the real world.

  • 量子科技中心

    The 量子科技中心 provides a state-of-the-art capability with access to industry and academic users enabling the translation of quantum technologies into new products and processes. The Centre seeks to bring economic benefit to the region and accelerate the pull-through of science into the marketplace.

  • 安全BOB官方网站

    安全BOB官方网站 delivers research that innovates and challenges the way that individuals, organisations and societies secure and protect themselves. Our approach delivers the best use-inspired and pure research that delivers real impact.

  • 佳洁士的研究

    CREST brings together the UK’s foremost experts in understanding the psychological and social drivers of the threat, the skills and technologies that enable its effective investigation, and the protective security measures that help counter the threat in the first place.

  • 全球生态创新中心

    Bringing together the cross-disciplinary expertise and cross-sector collaborations needed to create and deliver products, services and practices that help both people and our environment prosper.