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Creating inclusive environments and experiences that bring people together. Breaking down barriers and opening up our services and resources to local and global communities.

The library building is sited on Alexandra Square, at the heart of the campus. It is open to members of the University and for public access.

We are open 24 hours and 7 days a week during term time, with reduced hours during vacation periods. The library building provides open access for all to use our print collections and study spaces. Community members can join the library to borrow from our print collections.

Access to the building is restricted for Lancaster University members in the evening and overnight and requires a University card for door entry. Staff and students can also book study spaces in advance of their visit from our booking page.

图书馆 floors and noise

  • A Floor: collaborative and conversation
  • B Floor: self-guided but considerate. Reading room: silent
  • C Floor: Silent

Please take note of the noise level expectations when visiting the 图书馆 and be mindful of those studying around you.

Opening hours

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A wide range of individual and group study spaces, dedicated postgraduate and family friendly study space. Specialist areas for support and collaboration in research and learning.

Joining the library

The library is open to all for access and borrowing from our print collections. Staff and students automatically become members upon joining the University and have full access to our print and digital collections. Find out more about access for alumni, NHS members and public access, including free community membership.

Further information about joining the library